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    *** Yet another Set Analysis Question ***

    Deepak Vadithala

      Dear All,


      I have quick question on one of the expressions. Here is the expression...


      =SUM({1<FYrNum = {$(=Only(FYrNum)-1)}, StoreName = {"*"}>} NetSales) / 1000000


      I am sure this should be pretty simple to solve... but I am struggling to get my head around this one.


      I have two list boxes : FYrNum & StoreName


      If the user selects 2010 in FYrNum (Listbox) I wanted to show the data for previous year, however user will also filter for the StoreName. My Current expression (above stated) doesn't filter on StoreName because we are using {1} and it just shows the data for all the stores.


      So I need the data for FYrNum when the user selects the years and if the users selects the StoreName I wanted the data to be filtered on StoreName as well. I am using all this in one Guage chart.


      I think I need to use SET OPERATOR to get this working but I am struggling to get this working.


      Many thanks in anticipation.


      Cheers - DV