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    Editing expression to get current QTD and last QTD

    Ale Kong



      New to Qlik and don't want to mess too many things up in an existing app. I have an expression that is currently getting current YTD data. There is a column in the data set called Quarter_new with data populating Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4. There is also a column Year_new with the correct year. Is there a way to just edit the expression syntax to get QTD data and last QTD?


      Current Expression:

      if([_dimension2]='Cycle Time -Average cycle time – Print',

      round(avg({<Date_new={'>=$(vYTDCYStart)<$(vYTDCYEnd)'},Year_new=,Month_new=,Quarter_new=,Medium={'Print/Physical'},Product=,Franchise=>}[FF - Time to AFU (Days)])),

      if([_dimension2]='Cycle Time -Average cycle time – Digital'


      Appreciate anyone's help on this.