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    Cummulative Supplier Count

    Raman Raghav

      Hi All,

      I am trying to calculate cumulative supplier count by using the below expression with an "if "condition in it .But Im getting an error can anyone help me ,




      =RangeSum(above(count(distinct if(vSpendType = 'Sourceable', (if(is_sourceable = 'Y', amount))

      , if(vSpendType = 'SC Manageable', (if(is_sc_manageable = 'Y', amount))





        • Re: Cummulative Supplier Count
          Manish Kachhia

          Don't know what exactly you are doing in this expression but I can suggest something like below.


          =RangeSum(Above(Count(Distinct If(vSpendType = 'Sourceable' and is_sourceable = 'Y', amount,If(vSpendType = 'SC Manageable' and is_sc_manageable = 'Y', amount,Supplier))),0,RowNo()))