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    Qlik Sense mapping features for 2018

    Ozzie Boeuf





      I noticed that ESRI has a free "plug-in" called ArcGis Maps for Power BI and it looks pretty good in that product.  There is also a "plus" version for those willing to pay a subscription fee for additional functionality.


      We are currently a Qlik Sense site (in a reduced deployment) where a business requirement for similar ESRI functionality may tip the organisation towards the MS product as the enterprise VizTool choice for the future.


      What does Qlik have that competes to that, now and in the near future?  I know Qlik has Geo Analytics but we're certainly not going to pay for that when we are an ESRI site to start with.  There may be a couple of Sense extensions around for ESRI but they are not at the same level as the Power BI visual mentioned above.


      Unfortunately, I'm not positioned to build extensions as I do not currently have the requisite programming skills.


      Look forward to comments and suggestions here.


      Kind regards,