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    Use external data "on the air" with API?

    Nicolas MARTIN



      Let's suppose I have a Qlik document in which there is (at least) 2 dimensions:

      - Year

      - Office


      I also have an API that takes 2 parameters (year and office) as input and provide data as output (a table with 2 columns: "customer" and "sum of sales" as values).



      I would like to do the following:

      • In my Qlik application, I make a selection on Year / Office.
      • In my Qlik application I have a bar-chart object that is connected to my API with the selected values for "year" and "office".

      Eg. :

      ='http://myAPIserver/getSalesPerCustomer?year=' & concat(DISTINCT Year, ',') & '&office=' & concat(DISTINCT Office, ',')



      • This chart display as result a bar-chart with "customer" as dimension and "sum of sales" as value.

      And I want to use the Qlik charts, not a custom D3js chart in an iframe or something.



      A QlikSense reseller told me it was possible to do such thing in QlikSense thanks to "the API feature of Qlik Sense".

      After a lot of searches, it looks like the "Advanced Analytics Integration" but it seems very very VERY complicated.


      Did I missed a documentation that explains step by step how to do this?


      Thank you for your help.