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    Execute .bat Qlik Sense Desktop

    Diana Socha

      Hi people !


      In this case I have a .bat file and I'm trying to execute this from Qlik Sense Desktop but this error appears when I try to complete the operation




      I'm using this expression: Execute 'lib://4_Qvd_Modelo\BORRANDO.bat';


      I try also Execute: Execute cmd.exe /C C:\ROLLUP\DESARROLLO\FDN\4_Qvd_Modelo\BORRANDO.bat;

      and Execute C:\ROLLUP\DESARROLLO\FDN\4_Qvd_Modelo\BORRANDO.bat;


      But no one run correctly. Pleaseee! Help me!


      Plus: if anyone know how to eliminate the last row in the .txt whit a .bat, tell me please.