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    Sense Sankey Chart Development

    Seshu Pavan Kumar Seethepalli

      I have an requirement where i need to develop a Sankey chart to display Life cycle of RFP pipeline.

      And the RFP Life cycle is something like  # of RFP distributed -> #RFP Actioned -> # RFP Lost at Action -> # RFP Contacted -> # RFP Lost at Contact -> # RFP Sales (Converted to Sales).

      Now i want to display the # RFP distributed as 1st pipe and #RFP Actioned as Pipe 2 and so on..  In display the # RFP distributed will show the total value and  then for # RFP Actioned the pipe connector will show the corresponding value for each level.


      The current data structure is wide table format and all the above mentioned fields are measure values. I tried converting the data structure to a cross table format and tried building the Sankey chart but it is showing null values and  also i am unable to achieve the relationship between the pipes.


      Any ideas on how to achieve this will be very helpful.