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    Need help in data modelling for tables at different granularities

    Seshu Pavan Kumar Seethepalli

      I have 3 tables (T1, T2, T3) for Actual's and 2 tables (T4, T5) for Plan related data. Out of these 5 tables T1, T3, T4 are all at same granularity (Product level) and almost have same dimensions and measures, where as tables T2 and T5 are at different granularity (Entity level) than the remaining 3 tables but have almost similar dimensions and measures (2 additional measures).


      I concatenated all the 5 tables (Link table concept is not allowed unless & until if there is no work around) and able to achieve all the requirements except while generating a chart where the calculation is something like

      Sum( {<Metric={'XYZ'},Product={'ABC'}>}MTD_Actual) from T3/ Sum( {<Metric={'ABC'}MTD_Actual) from T2


      Please let me know if the data model approach is correct and how can we handle the above calculation as the values are at different levels.