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    How to create multi-dimension Bar Charts

    John Ng

      Hi everyone,


      My name is John and I am trying to build a bar chart in Qlik sense having the the similar appearance and attributes as the image below:


      New Bitmap Image.png


      But due to my lack of knowledge, I only managed to create the following bar chart in my first attempt:


      John First Attempt.png


      The problem I have is I do not know where and how to create the weekday(FPS_OIL_COMPANIES.TRANSACTION_DATE) to display as an extra dimension as the Add button under the Dimensions pane is dim and not enabled. I think I need to concatenate it with the existing dimension FPS_OIL_COMPANIES.TRANSACTION_DATE.autoCalendar.Year. Here are the Dimensions and Measures and their respective fields used to build the above chart:


      Dimension and Measure definitions.png


      Any assistance and suggestions are appreciated or perhaps I should have chosen other chart option type to build my chart and not relying on Bar Chart, please advise as well. Thank you for your assistance.