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    No Objects in drop down in web part properties pane



      I've been working with SharePoint for a few years now but am quite new to QlikView. I'm trying to get the QlikView web parts working in WSS 3.0.


      The issue I'm currently struggling with is getting a list of objects in the web part properties pane. I am able to retrieve the documents (8 of them in total) and when I select a document, I can see the browser retrieving something from the server, but the "Type" and "Object" drop downs remain empty apart from the default options ("<all>" and "<select object>" respectively).


      A bit about the environment:

      • We are running QlikView 10.0.8715.5 (64bit) and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0.
      • SharePoint and QlikView are running on two separate servers.
      • We use Kerberos authentication (this seems to be set up correctly since I’m able to retrieve the initial list of documents).
      • The QlikView server is running Win 2008 R2 Ent with SP1
      • I can successfully browse documents using the QlikView web site hosted on the QlikView server and then open them in the Ajax client.
      • I have been told that the QlikView license should work with web parts.



      Am I misunderstanding something here? For example, are there certain types of documents that cannot be opened in the web part client? Should I be able to view objects from, for example, the “What’s New in Qv10” document?


      Can anyone give me some ideas of possible causes? I’ve trawled the logs on the QlikView server and could not find any errors.


      Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.