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    Migrate to HTTPS with QVWS

    Frédéric Villemin


      I have two servers in QlikView 12.1, one in UAT and one in production. They both have QVWS only.


      I would like to migrate to HTTPS and I would like to know the way to do it.


      The QVWS are listening to port 8080 and I have a Squid Service which forward everything from port 80 to 8080 (but I don't think it is important right now)


      On the UAT, in the QVWS settings, I have tried to check the Use Https setting but I can't connect anymore to the server.

      I have tried to also change the port to 443, but again, no connection.

      I thought I would get a connection telling me that there are no certificate but no, nothing.  Is it normal ?  I wanted to test without creating all certificates.


      So if certificates and configuration are needed, should I just do what is explained in Enable SSL - QlikView Webserver and after that I will just have to check the Use Https box and change the port, or is my configuration still not good and it should work without the procedure ?