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    Dynamic Timeframe selection for KPIs in Dashboard

    Jayesh Chauhan

      Hello All,


      As I'm new to QlikSense Dashboard, I would require help on the above topic on how shall we use Dynamic Time filters against KPI's used in the dashboards: (based on Time Filter selection data in dashboards shall be changed)


      Here is the list of dynamic time filters -

      1. Last Week

      2. Month to Date

      3. Last Month

      4. Quarter to Date

      5. Quarter to Date (month closing)

      6. Last Quarter

      7. Year to Date

      8. Year to Date (Month closing)

      9. Last Year

      10. Last Last year


      Can somebody guide me on what shall be the approach where need to define variables in the script.

      Any help would be appreciated.


      Also there is a other requirement to use Calendar to select from date & to date.