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    Qlik Integration with session API - Selection issue



      I have Qlik sense content embedded into my site using mash up API. We are using session API to create user session in Qlik sense ( server side integration) and then call Qlik Mash up / Capability APIs by passing the cookie ( session identifier).


      it all works great. I am able to fetch qlik contents and fire selections.


      The problem is when user refresh the page, the selection is not getting retained and the page refresh looses user selection. I looked at the proxy log and found below line.

       Authentication required, redirecting client@http://[::ffff:103.233.xxx.xxx]:65363/ to https://mydomain.com/redirecthub?proxyRestUri=https:%2f%2fQlikDomain:4243%2fqps%2f
      Audit.Proxy.Proxy.SessionEstablishment.Authentication.AuthenticationHandler       36      NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM     User 'anonymous3553a214-0110-4f2f-9b06-492154e37203' used 'anonymous' authentication, got session: 'fce02a01-a9c1-439f-837e-0c3b5b469ee5'        fce02a01-a9c1-439f-837e-
      469ee5  14aee3b3-2036-4cb9-9fe5-d98f45197f6c    NONE    anonymous3553a214-0110-4f2f-9b06-492154e37203           ::ffff:1
      03.233.xxx.xxx {PROXY} e48ff516a6aadc89e377ef0ce9f9539d1dfc5dff


      I have no Anonymous login selected on my proxy and also the cookie is already present, then I am not sure why logs is printing this and loosing only the selection ?


      How should I dig into this issue ?