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    Duplicate qvws displayed in access point


      Just wondering if anyone has run across this and a potential solution.

      All the documents in our access point are being displayed twice, even though there is only one copy of the actual document on the server.

      I have:

      1. Restarted the services. -  no luck.

      2. Restarted the server. - no luck.

      3. Stopped all QV services, deleted the .meta & .shared files, started the services, and re-created the .meta,.shared files (for only one qvw) - no luck.


      Additional info:

      When looking at the web server log, the xml returned from a request contains the duplicates.  That is to say for each authorised qvw there are two DocEntry elements.


      The setup is a plain install using the included web server. QV version is QV10 SR2.


      Thanks for any advice.