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    QlikSense Server Sizing

    Jigesh Shah

      Hi All,


      We are looking at Qliksense server upgrade.


      Are there any server sizing guidelines/ formulas to be derive RAM, CPU sizing.


      We are referring to the old file attached here. Is same file good for QlikSense sizing?



      Note:There many factors which drive the sizing but would like to know if we can consider some base to start off with.





        • Re: QlikSense Server Sizing
          Michalina McAllister

          Hi there,


          We were using exactly the same file for sizing Qlik Sense few months ago; definitely good to start with it. However - as you mentioned, many factors drive the sizing, so don't rely only on this document as you might have an unpleasant surprise!


          Once you have your app somewhat ready and your Beta box setup - worth running Qlik Sense Scability Tool (please see: https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-8878#comment-48064) to get an idea on how your app could consume resources (CPU, RAM) and how the objects' response times would change in time on your current infrastructure.


          good luck!