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    Finding string attached to Max value

    Anton Emanuelsson



      I am trying to build a KPI where the KPI displays the name of the customer of which a firm charges the highest amount of hours of service, as well as the actual amount of hours charged over a period of time. Since I am really new to Qlik, and after extensive searching led nowhere, I now turn to the community for help. An example of my table is as follows:


      Name              Hours charged during period (ChgHr)

      Company A     125

      Company B     345

      Company C     255


      The hours charged during period is calculated with: Max(aggr(Sum(ChgHr),Name)) and returns 345.


      My question(s) is(are): What expression do I write under label to find the name, and present it as a string, of the company tied to the maximum value of hours charged (ChgHr)? Is it even possible?