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    Selecting data which are not in current user selection

      Hi everybody,


      i just have another tricky problem to solve.

      First: Attached you can find the example.qvw file ;-)


      Okay, let's begin to explain (which is often not really easy^^):


      There are 2 tables in my datamodel:

      - the first table (SALESFORCE) contains all sales data (won AND lost offers - 15%, 50% and 100%)

      - the second table (SAP) contains only billing relevant offers (only won offers - 100%)


      This tables are connected (keys) via the SAP-ID in both tables:




      Now I create a new table to display all sales data (no selection in the application):




      Fine ;-) ... but it only works fine WITHOUT selections ... :-/


      Now I want to select only ONE year (e.g. "2011") and take a look - the values with 15% and 50% are missing in the table:




      It is very necessary to select the year from the SAP data because this is a huge qvw-application and different other items are dipendent from that selection.


      Is there any possibility to select the 15%, 50% AND 100% rows from the table by chosing a year?


      Thank you for every input :-)