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    Starting QlikView From MS CRM Dynamics

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to store a URL(and parameters i.e. CompanyId) from a QlikView template in an external application (this case MS CRM Dynamics) with the purpose to start up Qlikview with the desired template and the correct selections(parameters)?

      Secondly if it is possible to start up QlikView over the URL can I let it automaticaly generate predefined reports for the end user without performing any analysis in QV? 


      In theorie the stored URL performs the analysis in QlikView and should generate a standaard report (lists).


      Hope somebody knows.


      Thanks in advance

      Gert Jan

        • Starting QlikView From MS CRM Dynamics
          Dimitri Pietersz

          Below is the IE-plugin client url

          qvp://[[username]@]servername [;(port | protocol)] / [documentname.qvw][?paramname=paramvalue{&paramname=p aramvalue}]


          You can pass parameters with this. With this you can make selections on opening the document. After making the selections with an "on open event" you can make a trigger to "Print report".


          I have used something similar. But only the first part. Not the print-report part.


          You can also do this with ajax, but I don't have the Client url config here at this moment.

          • Starting QlikView From MS CRM Dynamics
            Dan English

            Hi gdollen,


            I can't speak to the reporting question becuase I don't work too much with reports. But I can weigh in on the question of opening the correct QlikView document with the correct intial slection state.


            From the IE Plugin client or the QLikVIew OCX, Dimitri's answer about the qvp:// ulr is correct. Also, if you are using the OCX you have even more programatic control on how you load the document.


            From the QlikView AJAX client:


            1) To load the correct QVW file - The best way to do this is to use the AccessPoint URL. Open the QlikView AccessPoint and then select the QVW file you want. After the file has opened, copy the resulting URL in the URL bar of your browser. That is the URL you want your external system to call  when you want to open that particular QVW file.


            e.g. http://usral-deh/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=FC_Ext_Example.qvw&host=Local



            2) To load the QVW file with the correct inital selection state - There are two way to do this:


            1. Use a URL parameter like select=Document\LB01,Cindy,Gary which will select the two values "Cindy" and "Gary" in listbox LB01.



            e.g. http://usral-deh/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=FC_Ext_Example.qvw&host=Local&select=Document\LB01,Cindy,Gary


            or 2. Use an extension object to fire the custom javascript code (using our AJAX API) to execute the selection for you.


            Method #1 is probably easier if you don't want to get too fancy and don't care about the fact that the user can see the selection in the URL. If you need more granular functionality then maybe the Method #2 (the extension object) might be better.






            N.B. Also, no promises, but we are hoping to have "Document Extensions" available for QlikView v11. For executing a section, the extension object UI (e.g. object frame and caption, etc.) is not needed and can even be a nuisance. So we hope to offer Document Extension in v11 where the extension code is not tied to a QlikView object at all.