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    Changes made by mashup through browser are not reflected in the Qlik Sense Desktop

    Pradeep Das



      I have a mashup which updates the formula of any measure/dimension or even script using Engine API. But the problem is that any change I make is not reflected automatically in the Qlik Sense until I open one of the sheets and refresh it manually.


      Initially, when I started developing the mashup, in order to see any changes I made, I had to restart the Qlik Sense Desktop every time. But now I circumvented this problem by programmatically closing the app. But then it emanated a new issue which is opening any of the sheets and refreshing it manually. This will immediately update the Qlik Sense.


      Here is a snippet of code I am using for my mashup:

      1. GetObject('abcdef'); // Engine API (Let's suppose 'abcdef' represents a combo-chart)

      2. GetFullPropertyTree( ); // Engine API

      3. SetFullPropertyTree( ); // Engine API

      4. DoSave( ); // Engine API

      5. app.close( ); // App API (This line prevents Qlik Sense Desktop from being restarted every time I make any change)



      1. Tool -> Qlik Sense Desktop November 2017 release

      2. I am not creating any session object during the update

      3. Even though changes are not reflected in the Qlik Sense, visualization objects in the mashup get updated immediately



      1. Is the statement app.close( ) redundant?

      2. How to see the changes immediately in Qlik Sense when I execute statements 1 to 4?

      3. Is there anything I am missing or not aware of?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!