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    Dynamic Filtering on Line Chart

      Hi, I am having an issue by trying to combine 2 things:


      1. Dynamic Line Chart Expression Setting
      2. Information filtering


      Here is the scenario:


      I have a Line chart that currently is evaluating it's only expression dynamically with he following code:


      =$(=IntervalExpression)  <-- (Works)


      In other pivot charts I am able to show information by using both Aggr funtion and Filtering with the help of set analysis on its only calculated dimension:






      MAX( {$<HeaderStartDate={">=$(varCalendarStartDateTZ)<=$(varCalendarEndDateTZ)"}>}

          DISTINCT ContactID ),


      )      <---(Works)


      The problem is that I need to filter a Line chart's displayed information and also change its expression dynamically, but when I try to combine both approaches, the expression is not computable





      MAX( {$<HeaderStartDate={">=$(varCalendarStartDateTZ)<=$(varCalendarEndDateTZ)"}>}

          ContactID ),


      <--(Doesnt work)



      Any Suggestions?


      Thanks in advance for you time!