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    Data and links to build a table not working

    Ania Vasconcellos



      I hope someone is able to help me with this problem that has been bugging me for a number of months.


      I have a claim file and a premium file that is extracted using SQL. I have tried to join the two files, but each time I join them, it does an inner join and compresses them. I tried to create a date file which contains the month and year.


      For the premium and claim file, I created an ID which is made of Type and Province. This ID joins the two files without compressing them. I joined the date in premium to the date in the date file and use this as my base for the dates.


      I can create the report to a point. If I add the claim amount to the dimension field, it duplicates the months for where there was a claim. If I add the claim to the expression field, not all the values show.


      Please see the attached excel sheet for what I have and what I am trying to achieve.


      Thanks in advance.