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    Function won't strip time off of date

    Lauri Scharf

      I've created a function in my Sense load script:


      Set DateFix =

      If($1 = 4, makedate(SubField(Replace($2, '  ', ' '), ' ', 3), Match(Left($2, 3), $(mo)), SubField(Replace($2, '  ', ' '), ' ', 2)),

          If($1 = 5, Date(SubField($2, ' ', 1)),

          If($1 = 7, Date(Floor(Timestamp#($2,'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss tt')), 'M/D/YYYY'),



      It reformats dates that come in different formats from different files. I call it in the load:



           $(DateFix(ORGID, VisitStartDate)) as VisitStartDate

      Resident aVisit;


      My problem: The second If statement (where $1 = 5) does not remove the time, no matter what!  Dates in this file look like this:


      5/10/2012 12:00:00 AM

      When I use the same SubField function in the Load statement directly, it works.


           $(DateFix(ORGID, VisitStartDate)) as VisitStartDate,  //Does not strip time

           Date(SubField(VisitStartDate, ' ', 1)) as VisDate          //Successfully strips time

      Resident aVisit;

      Once loaded, VisDate is a date, while VisitStartDate is a timestamp:


      So I'm mystified as to why the same function works in the load script but not in my function, called in the load script.

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          Stefan Wühl

          That's probably because you already loaded values to VisitStartDate with the same numeric value, and Qlik is only capable of storing one textual representation per numeric value / symbol in one field.


          You would need use a new field.

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              Lauri Scharf

              That explains it! I just confirmed your answer by changing the field name in the preceding load. (I load the flat file into a temporary table, where I named the field "VisitStartDate." The load described in this post happens next.)


              I didn't know that Qlik "remembers" what happened with the first load of a given field name. I assumed that a subsequent use of a field name completely overwrote any previous data. A good lesson!