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    QlikView License questions



      I am new to QlikView and was just curious to know how this license works and how is it different from the free version? Also, if I work in a lab can others also use the licensed version of QlickView or is it really restricted? And, Where I can find more information about acquiring a QlikView License?





        • QlikView License questions
          Joe Kirwan

          Hi. I use a personal licence only.


          I contacted my local Qlikview Sales Office for info on acquiring a  licence. They shoudl be able to help on your other queries also.



            • QlikView License questions

              For an App created on a Personal Edition (PE) PC it can not be transferred to other PCs running PE.  There are 2 types of license - Named and Document.  A Named licence allows you to create an app which can be transferred to another PC which also runs with a Named licence - you can't open a licensed app on a PE machine.  The Document License is then used where you are running the QlikView Server software and controls the number of users who can access a hosted application.