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    Combo chart with cumulative

    Richard Judkins

      Hi all. Hopefully this is pretty straight forward.


      So here is the script I have for my app:



      True_Churn, Retention_Target, Date_Measure, Closing_Base, Opening_Base,

      (Closing_Base - Opening_Base) as Flow


      from xxxxx


      And here is my data table:



      Each month I'm going to update the table with the previous month's data.


      I want to product a combo bar/line graph showing each month's Flow number as the bars, with the cumulative month on month Flow as the line.


      The basics are pretty, well, basic:

      • Dimension = month(Date_Measure)
      • First measure for the bars = sum(Flow)


      But how do I add a cumulative line graph to it please?


      I have tried

      if(Sum(if(year(Date_Measure)=2018, Flow,0))>0,  rangesum( above( sum(if(year(Date_Measure) = 2018,Flow,0)),0,rowno())), null)

      But it's returning a figure for Feb of 27,188 (no idea how it's got that) not the expected 3,884.