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    Gauge Chart & Drilling Down to Details

      New to Qlikview and would appreciate any input !!

      I have a dashboard with a series of Gauges that present metrics on a number of Non Conformance Measures

      For each of the gauges, I would like to be able to present the Non Conformance details on a seperate NC Detail Sheet (filter to select the rows from the Gauge).


      Each Gauge has its expression.

      Example  Total Number of Non Conformance Items that are due within 2 weeks:

      COUNT({$<[nc.Status String]-={'Closed'}>}
      distinct If((floor([nc.Date Due]) - floor(Date(Today())) <=14),NC_KEY))

      For the above, 277 is what is presented in the Gauge.
      I was thinking of creating a button (placed below the Gauge) that would apply the above filter so that when "selected", the correspong details for the  277

      items would be available on the "details sheet.


      Any help on how to set a button up to handle this would be appreciated.

      Any other suggestions would also be welcomed.


      Thanks !!!


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          John Witherspoon

          While you should be able to set up a button to make the corresponding selections, I'd probably flag these records during the load and simply set the flag using the button.  It would also simplify and speed up the chart itself.  So when you're loading your nc table, add another field:


          ,if([Status String]<>'Closed'
          and floor([Date Due]) - floor(date(today()))<=14,'Y','N')
              as [Non Conformance Due Within 2 Weeks?]




          count({<[Non Conformance Due Within 2 Weeks?]={'Y'}>} NC_KEY)


          For the button, I believe this:


          Actions -> Add -> Selection -> Select in Field -> OK -> Field: [Non Conformance Due Within 2 Weeks?] -> Search String: Y


          A 1/null flag, at least in version 9, was I think slightly faster than a Y/N flag in set analysis, so could be considered if performance is a serious issue, but I prefer Y/N flags for clarity.