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    How to use a valuelist as a result of an if statement

    Charles Litten

      I'm trying to make a table that is dynamic based on a selection


      So if 'x' is selected I want the dimension in the table to be x1, x2 and x3 which have their own values in the table.

      but if 'y' is selected the dimension are different y1, y2, y3.


      I'm trying to use an if statement and the GetFieldSelections function for the dimension


      IF(GetFieldSelections(Type)='x', valuelist('x1', 'x2' , 'x3'), IF(GetFieldSelections(Type)='y', valuelist('y1' 'y2', 'y3')), Z)


      However the formula only returns 'x' or 'y' depending on what is selected.