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    is it possible to Analyze  data at the Source Itself using Qlik ?

    Ramya Sai

      Hello Qlik Experts,

      I just happened to attend a senior exec’s meeting today .They had a question and asked me to do some research and find out if this requirement can be fulfilled using Qlik Sense. The requirement is there is a huge amount of (granular) data in AWS and they want to display only the aggregated (summarized) data in Qlik Sense.  To drill-down to the details they want to go back to AWS and should be able to analyze the granular data the way we do on the Qlik sense UI for the summarized data.

      In simple words only summarized data should be brought into Qlik sense for analysis and granular data should be analyzed at the source system using qlik sense capabilities. Is this something doable in Qlik?   I really appreciate your inputs. Thank you,