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    Average field data basing 3 months Timestamp field

    Michael Anywar

      Hello, am trying to calculate the average Qty from the previous 3 months, but it not working.

      Below are the expressions i tried out. I want use as Measures for visualisation.


      However my Date field is Timestamp.  Format: DD-MM-YYY hh:mm


      I even used variables;


      =Sum({<date={'>=1/12/2017 < = 1/3/2018'}>}Qty)


      I even tried using created variables:


      vLast3MonthStartDate= MonthStart(Today(),-4 )


      vLastMonthEnd= MonthEnd(Today(),-1 )


      vSumLast3MonthQuantitySold = Sum({$<date={">=$(vLast3MonthStartDate)<$(vLastMonthEndDate)"}>}Qty)


      vQuartyAveragequantity = ((Sum $(vSumLast3MonthQuantitySold))/3)