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    get value from input box

      Hi! I'm newbie starting with qilkview.

      I have any question that I wanna get value from input box to a variable

      , and then I  wanna save value from the variable to qvd file.

      Please expain step by step.

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          1. First create one Input box in the chart this will show a new variable button in the Input Box Properties.


          2. Create a name of the Variable and give the values in input box this will assign a value to the variable created using input box.


          3. Finally in scripting part create one inline table as below and store the table as qvd. This will solve your purpose.


          But this needs to reload every time you changing the variable value


          Let vN=$(vNum);



          LOAD * INLINE [





          Store A into ABC.qvd;




          Please find the sample application for your reference.