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    Qlik Connection to Workday

    Erica Trotter

      Hello Experts,


      I am struggling with a workday connection, I'm using a soap API and its incredibly slow, each time it runs its been taking over 24 hours. I haven't actually been able to finish a whole load, I'm using a loop to go through the data and it pulls 700 rows at a time. There is a total of around 53,000 rows but on the 27th loop it fails unexpectly, this is what it says in the script log:


        2018-03-21 23:55:01 1036 [Personal_Data]:

        2018-03-21 23:55:01 1037 LOAD [Birth_Date] AS [Birth_Date],

        2018-03-21 23:55:01 1038 [Hispanic_or_Latino] AS [Hispanic_or_Latino],

        2018-03-21 23:55:01 1039 [Tobacco_Use] AS [Tobacco_Use],

        2018-03-21 23:55:01 1040 [__KEY_Personal_Data] AS [__KEY_Personal_Data],

        2018-03-21 23:55:01 1041 [__FK_Personal_Data] AS [__KEY_Worker_Data]

        2018-03-21 23:55:01 1042 RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable

        2018-03-21 23:55:01 1043 WHERE NOT IsNull([__FK_Personal_Data])

        2018-03-21 23:55:03      5 fields found: Birth_Date, Hispanic_or_Latino, Tobacco_Use, __KEY_Personal_Data, __KEY_Worker_Data,

        2018-03-21 23:55:03      Execution Failed

        2018-03-21 23:55:03      Execution finished.

      When I try to debug it it has this error: Qvx file read error on line 1, too many columns

      So my question is two fold, why is it so slow at pulling in data and is there a way to make it faster? Why is it failing on the 27th loop and how do I fix this?

      If I do a limited load with 5 loops it finishes fine, the problem only occurs when i try to load the whole thing.

      Thanks in advance!