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    Accumulation in line graph not happening even after using rangesum(above)

    Supriya R



      i have created a line graph where it displays counts of open, which is delivered and opened on firstday for a particular batch hourly.


      Expression:COUNT(Distinct Aggr(IF(formatted_opened_date = Min(Total <batch_meta_data_id>formatted_opened_date),invitation_id),formatted_opened_date,invitation_id,batch_meta_data_id))



      Now i want to do a accumulation line chart, So i changed expression to :

      rangesum(above(COUNT(Distinct Aggr(IF(formatted_opened_date = Min(Total <batch_meta_data_id>formatted_opened_date),invitation_id),formatted_opened_date,invitation_id,batch_meta_data_id)), 0, Rowno()))


      But this is not at all giving accumulated records.


      Please help me on this!. I have attached a sample app.