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    Variables in set analysis

    carlos diago

      Hi all,



      I´m making a new dashboard in Qlik.


      My bussiness are related with incidences, so, count(NumberIncidences) will be usual to use...


      Anyway, I´m trying to use variables in a simple set analysis.


      Here my var:


      nameVar: vCurrentMonth

      expression of var: vCurrentMonth = Month(Today())


      Y would like to know my incidences in a current month with set analysis, i would like to know this month, next month, etc.

      I would like to have this information instanly, without filters applied. So:


      Here my set analysis expression:





      I´m totally deseperate, because I tested to get and represent the value of my variable typing the next:




      and the result is 3. that´s perfect!, but when i try to put in a setAnalysis Expression...EXPLOIT! never work!


      any help or manual or whatever will be very very helpful!


      Thanks in advance