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    Return multiple columns in a table

    Yannick Camaro



      I'm using R.ScriptEval to add a column "Cluster" to the dataset Iris but I can't return 2 columns with Load * Extension.


      I have the following error message :

      Rserve error: The method or operation is not implemented.

      I can only return 1 column. I tried to copy the same code as R_BasicExample.

      My code :





      [SepalLengthCm] AS [sL],

      [SepalWidthCm] AS [sl],

      [PetalLengthCm] AS [pL],

      [PetalWidthCm] AS [pl],

      [Species] AS [Nom]

      FROM [lib://Mes Data/Iris.csv]

      (txt, codepage is 28591, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);



      Load *

      Extension R.ScriptEval('q$cluster<-kmeans(cbind(q$sL,q$sl,q$pL,q$pl), centers = 3, nstart=20)$cluster;qRes <-data.frame(Cluster = q$cluster,Id = q$Id);qRes;',Iris{Id,sL,sl,pL,pl});




      Load *

      Extension R.ScriptEval('kmeans(q, centers = 3, nstart=20)$cluster;',Iris{sL,sl,pL,pl});


      If someone could help me or know the answer it would be nice