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    Cumulate subtotals over dimensions in pivot table


      I can cumulate amount in one dimentsion, but now I would like to cumulate subtotals over dimensions in pivot table.


      LOAD * INLINE [
      Dept, SalesRep, ProductName, Amount
      Dept1, Emp1, Product1, 200
      Dept1, Emp1, Product2, 600
      Dept1, Emp1, Product3, 100
      Dept1, Emp2, Product2, 300
      Dept1, Emp2, Product3, 900
      Dept2, Emp3, Product1, 150
      Dept2, Emp3, Product3, 450
      Dept2, Emp4, Product1, 350
      Dept2, Emp4, Product2, 300
      Dept2, Emp4, Product3, 650

      if dimension is Dept, SalesRep, ProductName, I can get subtotal of  Dept, SalesRep and ProductName.

      And I set cumulative of Amount, but it only show cumulative of dimension Dept, SalesRep and ProductName.

      I want to get cumulative of Dept, SalesRep.

      How can I do?

      I have upload the example as attachement.