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    count stores that don't reach 80% sales goal

    José Espinoza

      I'm trying to make something in Qlik Sense that allows me to show the number of stores that didn't reach the planned 80% sales goal.


      First, I have a KPI displaying the number of stores that sold something:

      Count({$<[Sales Amount]={">0"}>}  [Shop])


      And I also know how to get the % goal of each store:

      num(sum( [Sales Amount])/sum( [Sales Amount Planned]))

      This returns a %.


      But how can I get the number of shops who failed to meet at least 80% of planned sales? I tried some stuff with Set Analysis, but as I'm new with this, I don't know if this is right, but I do know it doesn't work:

      count({< (sum([Sales Amount])/sum([Sales Amount Planned])) = {">0<=0.8"} >} [Shop])


      So, how can I ge this working with set analysis? Or maybe set analysis isn't the answer for this kind of problem at all...