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    On Demand Application Generation

    Todd Bailey

      I am attempting to build an on demand application using the delivered materials from the January 24, 2018 partner webinar.  There is a delivered template and only a few changes are required to make the application work.  There is an error with the generated WHERE clause.  It is returning this when I load the data:


      Hi - I believe I have followed the instructions exactly for building the dynamic script, but no rows are being selected from the InternetSales_Fact.qvd.  I am getting the following message when I run the load script.  The generated WHERE clause does not look correct. 

      Started loading data

      OdagBinding << 85015484-4193-48ec-a942-32e52d428da2

      Lines fetched: 1

      _TempTable << OdagBinding

      Lines fetched: 1

      OdagBinding << 9281028c-d1a7-4c16-a093-7addbcf3ce3f

      Lines fetched: 1

      _TempTable << OdagBinding

      Lines fetched: 1

      Generated WHERE clause:

      WHERE mixmatch([ProductKey],'{"quote": ""') AND mixmatch([CustomerKey],'{"quote": ""' )


      Lines fetched: 0

      Creating search index

      Search index creation completed successfully

      As you can, no row are selected from the qvd.  When I comment out  the where clause, I do get rows.  I have attached the script - any help is much appreciated!!

      Thanks, Todd Bailey

        • Re: On Demand Application Generation
          Abirami Palanisamy

          Hi Todd,


          The query that you are using in ODAG load script is correct. But i guess you are directly loading data from the on demand ( Template)  application. That is why you are getting where condition like below.


          If you want to design a ODAG application you must have to  create two applications.

          1. Selection Application

          2. Template App

          First you need to create a selection application with app navigation link ( that points your template app)  , then from App navigation link try to generate a report. It will work.


          I hope this will help you.