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    Section Access

    Arvind Kumar Jha

      Hello Team,


      I have come across a following scenario



      ADMIN    1            *                    *

      USER      2           EUROPE        SPAIN

      USER      3           EUROPE        *


      For the above case section access works for Admin and user with ID 2 but not for user 3.

      For user 3 we want him to have access to all countries of Europe and hence * for COUNTRY.We also tried with blank but with no avail.




        • Re: Section Access
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          I think you'll that for user 3 you'll have to add a line for each county in europe 1). The * means all listed values and the table now only lists spain. Leaving it empty doesn't work as you've noticed. User 1 has ADMIN access so it always gets access to all the data.


          1) Or create a new data table in your model that links the users to the regions they should be able to see. Basically doing the same thing, but in a different table