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    ExpressionGrouping in a chart?possible?

    Sravan Puppala

      Hi Guys,


      I have a chart with Dimension grouping(Material, Customer, Plant etc) and there are expressions likes sum(OrderquantityinPieces), Sum(DeliveryQuantityinPieces), Sum(DeliveryQuantityinPieces/OrderquantityinPieces), Sum(OrderquantityinCarton),Sum(DeliveryQuantityinCarton),Sum(DeliveryQuantityinCarton/OrderquantityinCarton), Sum(OrderquantityinPallet),Sum(DeliveryQuantityinPallet),Sum(DeliveryQuantityinPallet/OrderquantityinPallet)


      This looks BigTable and I want to make it Dynamic where I can select the Data based on pallet, Carton, Pieces.

      I also dont want to make individual charts with Cartons, Pallets, Pieces.

      Just Like I made  Dimension as a cycleGroup to select the data, I want the expressions also to be dynamic and thereby reduce this bigtable to small 3 expressions like  Sum(Orderquantity), Sum(DeliveryQuantity), Sum(DeliveryQuantity/Orderquantity)


      Any Ideas how to make this one simple?