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    Dynamically choosing dimensions for graphs / tables

    Jacques Hollands

      Hi there,


      I have noticed in one of the Qlik Sense demos (https://sense-demo.qlik.com/sso/sense/app/0be2146a-8ea0-4aca-8853-200f957f7307) on the 4th tab (Details) that it is possible to dynamically select dimensions for graphs / tables.


      I have a simple bar chart showing the sum(Sales).  However, I want to be able to dynamically select whether I want to see the graph by weekday or sales rep by clicking on the relevant dimension in a list box (?) on the page.  The demo also allows you to select which measure to display in the graph. It would appear to me that the available options for dimensions and measures are presented in two different list boxes.


      So, my questions are:

      1. How do I create a list of available dimensions (and measures) as it was done in the demo?
      2. How do I create such a graph / table to be able to choose which dimension I want to use on my x-axis?


      I have been searching the internet, but haven't found a solution yet.  Can anyone please point me in the right direction or even better to a link that explains the above in a bit more detail?


      Thank you,