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    How to "ignore" set filters in Calculated Fields

    Whiteside Kleinbreuer

      Dear Qlik Community,


      i am facing an issue with my displaying of diagramms:


      See attached graphic.

      On the Right you have my diagramm without any filters, and on the left with filters.


      The graph uses the Quota which is calculate like this = 1- ( ($(vCargoManifestAllErrors))/($(vCargoManifestTotal)))


      Formular variables:

      vCargoManifestTotal = Count(distinct([Cargo manifest no]))

      vCargoManifestAllErrors =  count({<[QR1 Timestatus]={'missing data','EDI send before End of Loading'}>} Distinct([Cargo manifest no]))


      I need something that "freezes" the calculation of the Quota, so that if a I set a filter the Quota does not change.


      Any ideas?


      Best regards