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    Row count of field values

    Anil danda

      Hello Qlik Developers,

      I have a script which generates the total row count of each table in the app. I have created the script in each app and whenever the app refresh a qvd will be generated in a folder which contains all the information about the app name,tables names and row count. Now i have a new requirement ,i have a field called cycleid in which i have values like 1,2,3,.... All the tables will contain the cycleid field. I want to get the row count from all the tables for each value in the cycleid field. I have a loop in my script which loops the tables and gets the row count. I am not sure how to loop each value of the field and get the row count. Can someone help me please?




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          Sunny Talwar

          Are you able to share a sample of what you have? or some raw data and the expected output?

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              Anil danda

              Hi Sunny,

              Please see the below script.


              trace ;

              trace ----> MONITORING;

              trace ----> writing log into lib://path\$(vDoc)_$(vTimestamp).qvd;



              if(NoOfTables()>0) then



                Let vCategory ='ABC';

                let v_Timestamp = timestamp(now(1));

                set v_TimestampFINAL = $(v_Timestamp);



                For i = 0 to NoOfTables()-1



                  LET vTableName = TableName($(i));


                  LOAD as Log_Type


                 NoOfRows('$(vTableName)') as Log_RowCount

                     ,NoOfFields('$(vTableName)') as Log_ColumnCount

                  AUTOGENERATE 1











                let vDoc = DocumentTitle();

                let vTimestamp = timestamp(now(1),'YYYYDDMM_hhmmss');


                STORE TableStats INTO [lib://path\$(vDoc)_$(vTimestamp).qvd] (qvd);

              //  drop table TableStats;


              end if