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    Error in expression : if takes 2-3 parameters

    Krithika Rees

      I am trying to create a variable  if Clearing date is null or greater than calendar date (which is the selected date)  to put it in a aging bucket  --- if it falls in a criteria else needs to be $0 if it has a clearing date.


      the aging bucket expression I already have in place is :: (Which works great!)

      =sum(if($(vCalendarDate)- num([Net due date]) > 60 and $(vCalendarDate) - num([Net due date]) <= 90, [Debit/Credit Amount],0))



      this is the variable expression I need help with :



      IF ( isnull  ( num  (  [Clearing Date] ) )  or IF  (  num  (  [Clearing Date] > Calendar_Day  ) ))


      Can anyone help me with this?