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    [POC] Dynamic columns + custom table shape

      Hi everyone,


      I am looking for a proof of concept, and for pointers that could help me find a way to build a particular table, using QV10.


      Could an experienced QV user look at the following table, and tell me if it is something feasable?


      Please note that :


                - The number of columns is entirely dynamic and depends on the number of rows into a database table

                - The last two columns of the array are the same whatever the database table contains (they are subtotals and totals)

                - The labels of the rows are "hard coded" (at the left end of the table), the content of the table comes from calculations (sums of fields)

                - As you might see on the screenshot, it's a kind of "pivot table", including vertical and horizontal "groups"



      (I am sorry, I had to hide the name of the fields - it's corporate related and cannot be disclosed)


      Could someone tell me if it is something feasable under qlikview? I don't manage to come up with a way to have static rows and dynamic columns. And I don't manage to build that particular "groups" (the first two columns of the table on the left).


      I am happy with every pointers that could be helpful (pages of manuals, videos, articles, advices..)


      Thank you in advance,