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    Enhancement request-Data load editor should not auto log out

    Sujeet Shirude


      My colleague was working in the data load editor making a large amount of comments.  She was chugging along using the data load editor and it all of a sudden logged her out even though she was typing in it!


      She knows to save before walking away or stopping work because it won’t prompt you to save before logging out, etc.  But, she was working in it and it logged her out with no warning.  She lost ALL of her work! 

      Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

      How can we make a recommendation that the data load editor should not auto log out?  If it does it should prompt the user to save or it should automatically save a copy of work and allow a user to select which version of the data load editor they want to open on the next login.

      mto any insights are welcome.

      Thank you!


      Sujeet Shirude