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    100% barchart

    kenny vroonen

      Hello community,


      I would like to make a 100% stacked bar chart.

      Can someone help me with this?


      now I get this.


      I use 1 dimension and 2 measure.






        • Re: 100% barchart
          Niclas Anderström



          You have to have each value represent the percentage of the total for the week in order to make it work properly.


          (Count(if(Doorlooptijd<2,ID))/Count(TOTAL ID))

          (Count(if(Doorlooptijd>2,ID))/Count(TOTAL ID))


          The below would get you closer to your goal, however you are missing the instance in which Doorlooptijd = 2. Should one of your if-statements include that?


          Otherwise you need to use

          (Count(if(Doorlooptijd<2,ID))/Count(TOTAL if(Doorlooptijd<>2,ID))

          (Count(if(Doorlooptijd>2,ID))/Count(TOTAL f(Doorlooptijd<>2,ID))