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    Using date in QlikView

      Hello all,


      I start to create some code in QlikView, but i need help in order to manipulate date.

      I want to create a link between an api and my program.The api ask me some information (a date) in this format 070308 'DDMMYY'


      I want to know if I could do something like that


      For a=date to dateFin

      Load ....






      Does Qlikview is able to manipulate date like this?


      Does am i able to do something like that and what is the syntax. (I've made some research but have'nt found it).

      For example :

      For a=10-03-2011 to 09-06-2011


      Load ........

      FROM 'MY WEBSITE' + $(test)


        • Using date in QlikView
          Johannes Sunden

          Hey Trash (that feels wrong )


          Here's a sample script that shows you how you can run a range of values through a for loop based on dates.


          let vStart= num(date#('2011-03-01', 'YYYY-MM-DD'));

          let vEnd= num(date#('2011-05-31', 'YYYY-MM-DD'));


          for a = $(vStart) to $(vEnd)


                              $(a) as Value,

                              Date($(a), 'DDMMYY') as Date

                    autogenerate 1;