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    Dynamic Set Analysis

    Chiara Pannese

      Hi All,

      i've an issue with Set Analysis.

      I have to calculate a Cumulative measure but i cannot use above function because it doesn't work correctly for me when i make selections.

      The reference measure is


      Sum( {$< MonthDiff={'-1'} >} #MEASURE)


      i'm trying to use this formula for having cumulate:


      Sum( {$< MonthDiff={'-1'} >} #MEASURE)  +

      Sum({$<MonthDiff={">=0 <=$(=num(Month(AsOfMonth))-2)"}  #MEASURE)

      The problem is that the string    <=$(=num(Month(AsOfMonth))-2)    doesn't work.

      How can i write this for Set Analysis?

      Thank you All.