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    need a solution

    Kenneth Holden

      i am using the following expression


      =count(distinct(agenctlastname)/count(total distinct(agent last name)


      This gives me the % productivity of active reps.


      I am attempting to use this expression to figure out what the rep productivity was in a specific week. The problem it is uses the number total reps as of the current moment vs the number of sales reps previously.


      For example:


      week 1

      week 2

      week 3


      in week 1 say I had 25 reps

      in week 2 i had 27 reps

      in week 3 I had 30 reps,


      the expression is using 30 reps for all weeks. How do i write the expression so qliksense will only total the number of reps that were available in week 1 for example?