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    String concatenation in variable declaration

    Alexis Hadjisoteriou



      I'm trying to create a variable that looks at the current year and month to decide on the content based on the simple rule:

      So far I have


      SET ThisYear = Year(Today());

      SET ThisMonth = num(Month(Today()));

      SET ThisFY = '=if($(ThisMonth)>6, $(ThisYear)+1, $(ThisYear))';


      This works great - it returns 2018 for Jan-June 2018,  2019 for July-Aug 2018


      I want to create a variable that will contain the value FY18 or FY19 in the above scenario.


      I have tried variants of:


      SET ThisFY_Full = 'FY' & right('$(ThisFY)',2);


      and nothing seems to work - can someone help out.

      I'm sure this is very simple - it's just that I am not achieving it.


      Thanks in advance