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    Looking for rolling average for prior 12 values

    Jacob Sassoon


      I have quite the perplexing question. I have an expression that reads as follows:


      ((((Sum([Active Clients Low Risk])/sum([Active Clients])*(1/10))


      (Sum([Active Clients Medium Risk])/sum([Active Clients])*(2/10))


      (Sum([Active Clients Moderate-High Risk])/sum([Active Clients])*(3/10))


      (Sum([Active Clients High Risk])/sum([Active Clients])*(4/10)))




      and I want to take the value that is generated from the expression and divide it by the rolling 12 month average beginning with the most recent period.

      For example if I have a data point in December 2017, I want to calculate the average of the most recent 12 values from the above expression which would be Jan 2017 to Dec 2017.